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3 Amazing facts about chimney crown repairs

Chimney Crown RepairWe have put together these amazing facts about chimney crown repairs to help save you keep your home and property well maintained and your home insurance intact. Your chimney crown is among the many fireplace components that are vital, but few people understand that its primary objective will be to become a masonry cover or a protective roof that protects the chimney’s structural components from climate-related damage.

1. Experts assert that less than 1% of all chimneys are properly crowned

A concrete mixture offers far superior protection against the elements than mortar however, many chimney crown repairs reveal use of the latter. Concrete is made using rocks, cement, sand and water. The stones add the mixture and excellent durability features. Mortar combination generally does not have a strength that is as high as cement that is pure.

2. Chimney crowns are often confused with a chimney ‘wash’

A chimmey wash is created using cement to form a sloped spill side assembled on top of your chimney to stop any water from actually entering the brickwork below it. A crown is often precast and overhangs the brickwork beneath it to reduce water run off.

3. Chimney crown repairs are essential

Axa found that 59% of home-owners think that their insurance will payout for all weather-related claims. Nevertheless, 31% have not inspected their rooftops in five years and 11% have never had an inspection.

It causes the chimney to heat-up and cool-down when you light a fire in your fireplace or wood stove in winter months. As temperatures fall below-freezing, any water which is disbursed into your chimney crown from rain will contract and expand as the temperature fluctuates. This process causes your chimney crown to deteriorate and crack. With this in your mind, it is necessary to undertake chimney crown repairs whenever you suspect leakage and keep your chimney in good all round condition to prevent water being absorbed.

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