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An insulated chimney could help save you money on your energy bills

A properly insulated chimney is a crucial element of an energy-efficient building. Efficient insulation also leads to safe chimney operation. Unfortunately, chimney insulation hasn’t been a high concern for contractors, so you might have to set up an insulated chimney lining in your flue to turn the body secure and productive.

Several homes and industrial structures were created with the chimney on another wall. Modern pre-fabricated fireplaces with metal flues are generally satisfactorily insulated between the exterior of the flue and also the chimney chase.

Insulated flueA chimney that rises within the inside of the building is sufficiently insulated by being within the framework, up-to the point it protrudes from the roofing. This chimney arrangement has less negative effect in the building’s energy-efficiency when compared to a chimney on an outside wall, but it might cause issues with draft and creosote build-up. Getting the peak of the chimney subjected to cold air can make combustion products condense within the flue close to the top, resulting in dangerous creosote build-up. A chilly chimney top above a warm chimney bottom also results in trouble lighting fires, downdrafts, and smoke entry in the building.

The simplest & most efficient option for you would set up a metal chimney lining within your present flue, in case your chimney isn’t insulated. You can wrap the liner with fire-proof insulation before you add it in the flue, or you can definitely install the liner first then pour insulating materials into the area between the liner and also the internal chimney walls. Be certain the lining you pick is large enough in cross-sectional area for the hearth and is made from the appropriate stuff for the use.

You ought to see immediate advantages from your just insulated chimney lining. The combustion products will remain warm all the way from the home, instead of cooling because they rise and condensing to form soot and creosote within your flue. Your space should feel warmer even whenever you’re not burning a fireplace, particularly for those who are in possession of a damper shut about your flue. Your yearly chimney cleaning job will even be easier. You’ll not only have less creosote build-up, however a cylindrical flue is simpler to clean when compared to a square flue.


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