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Looking for impartial advice on your roof or loft insulation?

Because the international financial recovery continues to hobble along at a sluggish speed and with electricity and gas prices increasing dramatically, it has become mission-critical for householders to locate new and better methods to decrease costs as much as they can.

Among the most powerful means to accomplish this is to consider ways to conserve energy and in the winter, to prevent heat loss. According to local government officers at Haringey Council, around 35 percent of heat loss is through the walls and 25 percent is lost through the roof. 

Installation of roof or loft insulation

Roof insulationThere are lots of ways as well as substances you could use to help protect your house’s roof including insulation bats and coated tiles. However they are two types of insulation for your loft – a warm loft or cold loft insulation. The warm loft insulation approach has you place the insulation right up-tight between the rafters and your roof.

A cold loft insulation approach sees the insulation put in between the ceiling of the room directly below your loft. This retains the bulk of heat in the house, decreasing the opportunity for heat to escape through the roof.

The pro’s and con’s of warm and cold loft insulation

If you choose warm loft insulation, you may be syphoning heat off into an area that you infrequently use (the loft). This is a waste, especially if your roof is not in good repair nor insulated properly. If you plump for cold loft insulation, you will lose the use of your loft and the storage space within it so choosing the right roof or loft insulation depends on the sort of property you have and the needs of your family.

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