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Replacing your old timber fascias and soffits?

Photograph by Bruce Tuten

Photograph by Bruce Tuten

If you have old, aged timber fascias and soffits, you might want to replace them. This can not only prevent animals and birds penetrating your roof, but saves cash having your old timber fascias and soffits painted every couple of years, raise the real value of your house and also make it simpler to sell because the issue of flaking paint will never be good a selling point to potential buyers.

How to find a suitable roofing contractor to replace your old timber fascias and soffits

You ought to search for an acclaimed business such as Nottingham Roof Repairs which uses good-quality UPVC when searching for soffit and fascia fitters. It’s generally better to pick a business that’s existed for some time and has tons of expertise in the area like us, having been in the trade for over 20 years. If possible request to see installations that prospective roofing contractors have completed in your region.

More than a few businesses abandon the old wood underneath and only cover this up with UPVC fascias and soffits, this can not provide you a job which will stand the test of time because the wood can’t breathe and water might run-down and be trapped indoors, causing the wood to rot along with the fascias which will fall-off.

Think carefully who you’d choose to handle the job for you. The roofing contractors or window fitters that just fit soffits and fascias sometimes when they are short on work or perhaps a specialised roofline business like ours? Take a long hard look at the business and see whether you believe they’re inside for the very long term, attempting to build up an excellent standing, or are they just our to make a few quid in a short space of time? If so there might not be any come back if things go wrong.

Are you only going to select the least expensive quote you can maybe find? or are you currently searching for an excellent quality job that’ll keep up appearances for many years to come?

Some homeowners go for an affordable estimate that common sense tells them will be a bodge job, then complain when things do not go to program.

When evaluating soffit and fascia quotes – compare the duration of the warranties provided on both craftsmanship and materials, 10 years is acceptable, is the warranty backed by the producer?

Formerly under soffit grill vents were used however, these are now occasionally replaced with the soffit that is covered by an over fascia vent system.

On more contemporary homes, dry eaves caps could be fitted to tiles, these not only result in a far neater finish, but avoid water ingress.

Choosing the right fascias and soffits to compliment the look of your home

Nowadays UPVC fascias and soffits can be found in different wood colours to complement or accentuate the design of your residence. Wood ornamental boards called tudor boards are also accessible for replacing with UPVC to help renovate the exterior of your property.

Guttering is also be available in half round, square or ogee design (which is fancier, and in different colors for example light oak, mahogany etc). Besides basic UPVC fascias, there are ogee types, which again are far more distinctive but pricier.

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